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October Book Wrap-up

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I have been working working working and so this post is late late late! Ack! October was a decent reading month with 5 books total. Two of them were shorter books but one was 771 pages long (and felt even longer) so I’m going to consider that a very good month. With one exception, this…

September Book Wrap-up

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It’s time again (already?!?) for my monthly book wrap-up. After a disappointing August with only 2 books, I was ready to really bump it up in September. Oh yeah! And did I succeed? Um, I read 3 books last month. But let’s focus on the positive – all three were fabulous, classic books written by…

August Book Wrap-up

In July, I started a new feature where I share quick reviews of all the books I read during the month. And I recapped an impressive 8 books! I closed the post with: “Not a bad month – guess we’ll see what August brings!“ Spoiler alert: August did not bring 8 books… I’ll have another…

July Book Wrap-Up

I thought I’d try something new – a monthly wrap-up post including all of the books I’ve read during the month with a brief review of each. And imagine my surprise when I looked back and saw what a big month July turned out to be – 8 books! Yes, a couple of them were…


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