About Stacia

Stacia Rogan was born in the backwoods of Pennsylvania where she grew up with her younger brother and sister before forging a path out. She ran off to the wilds of Western New York where she pushed aside her passions for music, writing, and marketing to instead pursue a more practical but soul-sucking degree in Computer Science.

The lure of warmer weather and gainful employment brought Stacia and her husband to Raleigh, North Carolina, where she spent the next decade locked away in various cubicles programming under fluorescent lights. She did her best to find openings in her daily work for writing and marketing and fresh air but her employer’s stifled outlook left her seeking after-hours opportunities instead.

Eventually, she decided to spread her wings and fly far from the nest of IT, launching a full-time freelancing career that allowed her to focus on her real love—words!

In 2015, Stacia, her husband, and their two evil cats packed up their things and moved to Alexandria, Virginia, where life has never been better!

After almost a decade of freelancing, one of her clients wooed her back to a full-time position as a copy editor in the fintech industry. She now spends her work days (and occasional nights) editing, writing, and reading words, some of which she shares on her blogs, along with other adventures.