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It’s 2018 and I’ve decided to widen the content on this blog. You can still expect most of it to be related to reading. In fact, there will be even MORE content about reading because I’m adding a “Friday Reads” post that will include reviews of anything I’ve read that week and what I’m currently…

Don’t worry…

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Never fear, I haven’t forgotten about this blog or my writing. I definitely haven’t forgotten about editing (been doing plenty of that). And I’m well on my way for this year’s reading challenge of 30 books (though I haven’t added it to the sidebar) It’s possible I have a new adventure planned. Stay tuned for…

First Random-Interval State of All the Things Address

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Eight long months ago, I set up this blog and posted with the intention of sharing “words about words” on a regular basis. I had other plans involving words as well. Specifically, those plans centered around the book I’ve been writing for a while now. What’s been happening in the meantime? Excuse the length but…

Rhymes with what, now?

Rhymes with Croatia, that’s a silly name for a blog. Yes, you’re right, it’s probably a silly name for a blog. Is it a political statement? A statement about your heritage? No, it’s a statement about the pronunciation of my first name. When I meet people online, they often ask how to pronounce my name.…


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