Checking in Mid-Year

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It’s mid-July, which means we’re also more than halfway through 2015. I thought I’d use this week’s post to look back at my 2015 kickoff posts to see what plans I had in January and where I am in relation to them. Are they still plans I want to achieve? Do they need adjusting? Do I need adjusting?…

Editing Report for 2014 and a Preview of 2015

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Editing is my primary source of freelancing income so it’s fortunate that I can say I did a lot of it last year. Today, I’ll take a look at the projects I took on in 2014 and what I hope to do this year. Editing in 2014 I did a LOT of editing in 2014.…

Editing ‘The Last Superhero’

When Astrid asked me to edit “The Last Superhero,” a lot of thoughts went through my mind. It wasn’t my first full-length novel. I’d edited at least half a dozen before this one. It wasn’t even my first time editing her work – I’ve edited two full-length novels and some vignettes from her series, “The…

What happened to August?

AKA: The life of a freelancing editor I had grand plans to blog regularly in August, and then several things happened that sort of interfered. Most of them are actually word-related so they’re worthy of sharing here, though as you can see from last week’s post, not much of it was reading-related. Sadly, not much…

On to the next thing(s)

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Last week I edited 68 articles in five days as part of Allvoices’ coverage of Advertising Week. There were a couple of other campaigns as well but the majority of that was tied to live coverage of the event taking place in NYC. Coverage of that wraps this week. Another much smaller but longer-lasting campaign…


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