September goal:

I’m setting a goal of 3 books for September—and planning for Poe-tober!

What I read: (Link to my Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge

The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald

4.5* (Sept 1)

A Curious Beginning – Deanna Raybourn

4.75* (Sept 9)

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told — Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

3.5* (Sept 15)

This is the first audiobook I’ve ever listened to all the way through. It’s been at least a decade since I last tried listening to one. I deliberately chose a memoir read by the author(s) based on recommendations from friends. This book happened to be available from the library and I mostly enjoyed it. Nick and Megan are very conversational in their “reading” and it felt like eavesdropping on their private conversations. I downloaded the Kindle edition to see the photos, but otherwise, it was a good experience.

Mercer Girls — Libbie Hawker

3.5* (Sept 29)

This Civil War-era novel follows a bunch of women recruited in the east to serve as “moral elevators” (but really brides) to the men of Seattle, Washington, where there are few women. Three very individual POVs are used to highlight a variety of issues women faced during this time.

I enjoyed the story of early Seattle quite a bit until the final half of the book became all about the women’s suffrage movement. I understand that the work toward voting rights for women was a major factor in the environment, but I felt like it really overshadowed the women’s stories.

Excuse(s) for Not Reading More: I read 4, which is more than I had expected. Considering I also traveled for 8 days and finished edits on a 105k-word manuscript, I’m quite pleased.

Diversity? Historical fiction, a classic, and a memoir/audiobook.

Star Ratings: I base this on the flat stars Goodreads displays in list-view, not the quarter-star system I assign in my reviews. (I made it to July this year before realizing I’d screwed up the math somewhere along the way.)

  • 5 stars:  7 books
  • 4 stars:  11 books
  • 3 stars:  15 books
  • 2 stars:  1 book
  • 1 star: 0 books
  • 0 stars: 0 books
  • Abandoned: 2 books
  • Not rated: 0 books

Pages Read: (does not include abandoned books, edited manuscripts, or Coffin Bell)

  • January – 993
  • February – 1232
  • March – 454 (ouch)
  • April – 1615
  • May – 1248
  • June – 1076
  • July – 375 (ewww)
  • August – 1603
  • September – 1196

Coffin Bell Submissions: I used to include these because they took up so much of my time. I resigned my position as their short story editor in March 2019 so I could prioritize other projects.

  • January
    • 20 short stories
  • February
    • 14 short stories
    • 1 CNF (creative nonfiction)
  • March
    • 15 short stories

Reading Goals:

1. Read 40 books I’m 5 books ahead with 34 books.

2. Decrease my TBR – 

  • Jan 1 – 73 physical21 Kindle
  • Feb 1 – 71/22
  • Mar 4 – 71/22 (huh)
  • Apr 3 – 73/23 (it was my birthday month)
  • May 1 – 73/23 (how?!?!)
  • Jun 1 – 72/22 (it was a good month for reading books I already own)
  • Jul 1 – 71/22 (surprising – I visited 2 bookstores this weekend)
  • Aug 4 – 71/22
  • Sept 3 – 71/23
  • Sept 30 – 73/21 (books = souvenirs and I was in Iceland)

3. Read 6 short story/essay/poetry collections – I want to double that if possible. Not sure that’s going to happen. (I realized in late September that I’d missed one and messed up the months.)

Despite travel and a freelancing project, September was a good month. I have high hopes for October as I have 2 books currently on a deadline with the library (books #2 and #3 in the Veronica Speedwell series), plus it’s Poe-tober! I’m setting a goal of 5 books for this month, plus so many other things that go bump in the night.