Welcome to Friday Reads. Each Friday, I’ll review any books I’ve completed that week, as well as share what I’m reading right now. And by “Each Friday,” I mean “some Fridays.”


Nada. Unless you want to count the 105k-word novel I finished editing, which I do since I’ve read it 3 times (and will be reading it again once the author goes through my edits).

9/3 Update: I realized I DID finish a short book this week and somehow completely forgot to include it.

Slumber Party – Christopher Pike 2* (Aug 10)

I’m not sure if I remembered the ending from when I read this as a kid or if it was just so blatantly obvious. Writing for this market has certainly improved since its release in 1985.

Currently Reading:

The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton (46%)

“Gosford Park” meets “Groundhog Day” by way of Agatha Christie – the most inventive story you’ll read this year.

“I have such mixed feelings about this book. The premise is fascinating—Aiden must solve Evelyn’s murder while reliving the day over and over again, waking as a different guest every time he falls asleep. But I’ve started overthinking it now that the various Aidens/guests are now interacting with each other, trying to work together, creating a weird time travel sort of wormhole that I’m struggling to enjoy.

(Don’t) Call Me Crazy – Kelly Jensen (18%)

This month’s anthology, though not sure I’m going to finish it in the next week. It’s a book of essays about mental health, which I’ve always found fascinating and currently find more relevant than ever.

Becoming – Michelle Obama (11%)

I haven’t picked this up in months but I like to keep it here as a reminder.