Welcome to Friday Reads. Each Friday, I’ll review any books I’ve completed that week, as well as share what I’m reading right now. And by “Each Friday,” I mean “some Fridays.”


About Grace – Anthony Doerr – 3.5* (June 9)

Anthony Doerr impressed me with his beautiful writing in “All The Light We Cannot See,” and I bought this book without even reading the summary based on the strength of that book.

“About Grace” was off to a very promising start. I raved about it on Twitter and also selected it for my book club without finishing it. If you sense a “but,” you are correct.

Though the first 100 pages were very compelling, the story declined steadily over the final 3/4 of the book. I love flawed protagonists, but David became unsympathetic to me. While I understood his compulsion to run away in the beginning, his lack of action during the rest of the story bothered me. And many of the actions he took were so reckless that I couldn’t make any sense of his reasoning.

It’s a beautiful book with great promise, but it didn’t deliver consistently.

Currently Reading:

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng – (14%)

So far, it’s decent. I’m not sure where it’s going yet, but it’s very readable.

The Doll – Daphne du Maurier – (15%)

This month’s short story collection. I bought this collection in Paris last year at Shakespeare & Company so it has their lovely stamp on the front cover. I’ve read 2 stories so far and the first was better than the second, which was the title story.

Becoming – Michelle Obama (11%)

I’ll get back to this eventually.