Today, we finally close out this year’s installment of Poe-tober recommendations with a handful of podcasts. There’s scripted fiction as well as traditional storytelling and some true crime.

This post is the third in a 3-part series of media for you to read, watch, and hear as we creep up on Halloween.

Lore: This podcast digs into the history of folklore from around the world. New episodes come out every two weeks, but there’s a huge back catalog. Aaron Mahnke presents, and it includes some haunting original music. The show also includes books and a video series from Amazon (the second season will be available October 9).

Serial: The third season is now underway. Season 1 explored the murder of a teenage girl in Baltimore and the trial of her boyfriend, Adnan Syed. I didn’t find Season 2 nearly as compelling (the case against POW Bowe Bergdahl and whether or not he was a traitor). I haven’t started Season 3 yet, and I’m not sure the premise can recapture the first-season glory as they follow various cases that filter through a courthouse in Cleveland.

Limetown: Many called it a “paranormal Serial” when it premiered in 2015. In season one, Lia Haddock investigates the disappearance of over 300 people from a research center. (Yes, it’s fiction – try to forget that as you listen.) A second season will be released this Halloween.

Dr. DeathDr. Death is the unsettling story of one doctor who caused terrible harm to 33 of his patients. HIs actions resulted in cases of lost speech, paralysis, and death. The Texas case is the first of its kind in which a physician has faced criminal charges for their care. The series lays out the facts around his case, as well as the larger issues in the medical field that allowed it to happen.

Family GhostsEach episode examines a different haunted house and looks into the stories families tell about the spirits that plague them. I haven’t listened to this podcast, but it looks promising.

The Black Tapes: This podcast is my current obsession. Host Alex Reagan’s plans for a series about interesting jobs changes once she meets Dr. Strand. He’s a debunker of the paranormal with a legacy of cases he’s proven to be false. But Alex discovers his Black Tapes, which are stories he hasn’t disproven. Yet. It’s just the right amount of journalistic and creepy. There are three seasons, and I’m only midway through the first.

If you have any suggestions for dark and scary media to enjoy this month, please share! It’s already the 10th so there are only 3 weeks left until we forget the existence of Thanksgiving and I drown in Christmas cheer.