Welcome to Friday Reads. Each Friday, I’ll review any books I’ve completed that week, as well as share what I’m reading right now. And by “Each Friday,” I mean “some Fridays.”

It’s been over a month since my last Friday Reads. An absolutely horrible reading month in which I didn’t open a single book. Sure, some of that time involved travel, but mostly it’s because I’ve been busy reading submissions for the literary journal where I volunteer. By the time I finish my weekly required reading, I’m not super excited to read other things.

But! I finally have a couple of entries for a Friday Reads post and I hope I can keep it going now.

Finished reading:

17thSuspect The 17th Suspect (Women’s Murder Club Series) – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro – 3* (August 22)

It’s the 17th book in the series – at this point, I more or less know what to expect. This installment had too much personal stuff, which has been a trend recently. Yes, the personal and professional lives of these women are interconnected and both are (somewhat) interesting. But I seriously don’t care that Yuki and her husband both work too much and aren’t having sex. Other things I don’t care about: pregnancy scares. The main cases, which are what most appeal to me, were kind of meh.

Even with its flaws and the relatively low rating I’ve assigned, I haven’t read anything in over a month, and this is a fast, easy read. It was familiar and I was entertained, which I hope is enough to break my reading drought.

 Blues for a Black Cat and Other Stories – Boris Vian – 1* (August 23)

I don’t care that I skimmed the last 3 stories. I’m counting it as completely read because I suffered through it for over three months despite finding it almost unreadable.

As with any book, I’m sure there is an audience out there. I am not it. Bizarre characters whose actions made no sense in completely absurdist situations are not my thing. The least “out there” story in the book may be the titular “Blues for a Black Cat” – in which a talking cat drinks himself to death in a bar.

Why, you may ask, would I stick with a book for so long when I wasn’t enjoying it? I’ve been good lately about moving on if I don’t connect in a reasonable time. But this book was short, it was a souvenir from Paris, and it has a black cat on it. None of which are good enough reasons.

Currently reading: 

Travelling Cat Chronicles The Travelling Cat Chronicles – Hiro Arikawa – 23%

When I pulled this off the shelf last night, I couldn’t even remember where it came from. I had forgotten this impulse-buy add-on to a Book Depository order. Much of it is in the cat’s POV and as a definite cat person, I’m completely in love. I’m just afraid it will be over too soon.