Time for the next category in the  RWC 2017 Reading Challenge.

Category #14: A book recommended by a friend

June 30th is International Day of Friendship according to the UN. To celebrate, read a book recommended to you by a friend.

This can be either a book your friend specifically recommends for you or just a book your friend loves.

Here are some books I’ve enjoyed enough for a 5* rating that were recommended by friends (and/or book club, which totally counts):

The House at Tyneford (Natasha Solomons)

When it comes to historical fiction, WWII hits a sweet spot for me. It involved history, romance, and family drama. Despite the many trials faced by the protagonist, the overall tone isn’t dreary. The ending felt slightly too convenient for my liking but it was a lovely book.

The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin)

Don’t dismiss this because it’s a children’s book. The mystery and fun within are for everyone! This book has a diverse, well-developed cast of characters in competition with each other to solve a mystery. Note: The movie based on this book is awful.

The Nightingale (Kristin Hannah)

Another WWII book. This is a tale about two sisters. One lives with her daughter in the French countryside while her husband is away at war. The younger sister lives in Paris before being sent to help her older sister. The story of each is individually inspiring and heart-breaking but the real power of this book comes from the relationship between the two (and their father).

The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern)

We read this for book club and it has remained a favorite of many of the members. There’s plenty of romance, action, and magic. It’s about two old foes who each choose a student to train and then engage in a challenge. They train differently and of course nothing goes as the mentors plan. There have been rumors since it came out that a movie is forthcoming but so far, nothing solid has happened.

What will you read to complete this category? Leave a comment below with your thoughts about these or any I may have missed.

If you have suggestions for books that fit in future categories, let me know. I’ll include your name (and a link, if you like) when I share those suggestions.