Time for the next category in the  RWC 2017 Reading Challenge.

Category #10: A book based on a true story/historical event

Welcome to the world of narrative non-fiction. For this category, I’m looking for books about historical events told in a way that sounds more like fiction.

Of course, you could interpret this more loosely and go with a completely fictional story based on research or something that could’ve happened.

My narrative non-fiction ideas are:

Anything by Erik Larson

  • Isaac’s Storm (Galveston hurricane)
  • In the Garden of Beasts (Hitler’s Berlin)
  • Thunderstruck (involves the invention of the Marconi recorder)
  • Dead Wake (sinking of the Lusitania)
  • Devil in the White City (a serial murderer set against the Chicago World’s Fair)

I’ve read Isaac’s Storm and Devil in the White CityI found myself looking up information about the events to see if they really happened.

Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)

This story follows Louis Zamperini, a one-time Olympic hopeful and WWII fighter pilot. After his plane is shot down, he survives on the open ocean for weeks before the Japanese capture him.

If you saw the movie, consider reading the book. It’s a much better representation of his story.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (John Berendt)

Again, there’s a movie based on this story, but it diverts frequently from the book. The story was very intriguing to read and I enjoyed following the lives of the people and the crimes involved.


Lost Cat (Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton)

This book is more of a personal story and presents a lighter side (for the most part). It features the adventures of a cat who constantly wanders off and the owners who try all kinds of technology to track his whereabouts. The illustrations are adorable and if you are owned by a cat, you’ll enjoy it.

What will you read to complete this category? Leave a comment below with your thoughts about these or any I may have missed.

If you have suggestions for books that fit in future categories, let me know. I’ll include your name (and a link, if you like) when I share those suggestions.