typewriterI haven’t talked much about writing lately. In fact, I didn’t even bother with a
writing wrap-up or forecast to start 2016.

However, writing has been on my mind a lot recently, and I’ve even made some progress.

When we moved to Alexandria last November, I started keeping an eye on various Meetup.com groups for writing or book meetups as a way to meet people. Finally this Spring, a new writing group formed here in Old Town and I jumped at the opportunity.

We meet every other Sunday to critique member submissions, and it’s a diverse group representing authors of all genres and stages of writing careers from beginners to some who are working with agents or are already published.

Every Tuesday, there’s an informal write-in at the library located a couple of blocks from home, so I try to make it a point to go, even if I just stare at the screen for awhile or brainstorm.

All that to say, being around other writers and living in a new environment has inspired me, and I’m coming up with some ideas. I have a very loose plot outline and a rough draft of a prologue. It will have some ghost story elements, some history, and perhaps what the writing group refers to as a “cozy murder.”

My current goal is to develop my outline more over the next couple of months and participate in Camp NanoWriMo in July.

It feels good to be producing creatively again. I’m also in learning-mode, with formal classes beginning this week and a few MOOCs under my belt last week.