It’s mid-July, which means we’re also more than halfway through 2015. I thought I’d use this week’s post to look back at my 2015 kickoff posts to see what plans I had in January and where I am in relation to them. Are they still plans I want to achieve? Do they need adjusting? Do need adjusting?


I haven’t edited anything full-length this year, which is disappointing. I’m still busy with brand-editing and project managing. I’ve also had a few other small projects the last few months. I have new projects in the works. Overall, editing work is going well, despite a few ups and downs.


The year started well with some local workshops. I spent time every day in April working through a novel writing class online. In an upcoming post, I’ll discuss a course I took recently that’s less directly related to writing but still useful. I plan to sit down soon to brainstorm ideas for NaNoWriMo. I’m not quite where I wanted to be, but I still believe I can get there.



Finally, a category where I excel! My first book of July completed my goal of 40 books for 2015. I’d like to push for 100 this year but that would mean 11 this month and 10 each month after. It seems unlikely. My goal of reading more short stories is being met – I haven’t read as many as I thought I might have by now, but it’s still more than in the past. I’d like to read at least 10 collections by the end of the year (I’m working on my fourth). I wanted to try other genres – I’ve read a graphic novel (didn’t love it but will try another), a dystopian sci-fi novel (also didn’t love), and a collection of feminist essays. As for reading more widely about other religions, cultures, etc., I’m happy with my diversity there. Of the seven specific books I mentioned, I’ve read 2.5 (one is the short story collection I’m currently working on). I still don’t own two of them.

I’m OK with where I am right now, though there’s room for improvement in the Editing and Writing categories. I don’t think I want to change anything with those goals (or previews, as I called them), but it’s important to assess where I am at this point and the best way to make things happen.

What about you? Did you have goals that you need to look back at now? Do you still want those things or do you need to change direction?