Editing is my primary source of freelancing income so it’s fortunate that I can say I did a lot of it last year. Today, I’ll take a look at the projects I took on in 2014 and what I hope to do this year.

Editing in 2014

I did a LOT of editing in 2014.

When the year began, I was in the process of editing a novel for a then-new client I met through a friend. He was happy with my work and came back later in the year with his second novel, both of which have now been self-published.

Over the summer, I received a contact from another new client about editing her mystery novel. I need to find out how things are going but her intention was to pursue traditional publication. It’s a very interesting story and could find a sizable audience in the right hands.

Astrid “Artistikem” Cruz always keeps me busy – I edited an installment of vignettes for The Caregiver series early in the year and then finished editing a full-length novel that she released in December, The Last Superhero. You can read more about my experience editing that here if you’re interested.

And finally, my last novel for the year was a last-minute final proofread of a novel that will be published via Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program. It was a fast and furious weekend of proofreading a work that the author has slaved over for years, but it’s a compelling story that I appreciated the opportunity to work on for him.

In total, that’s 5 novels and a collection of vignettes.

And of course there’s my work for Allvoices.com. I can’t begin to tally the number of articles I edited for them, but in addition to editing, I project managed six major live events (five with extensive pre-coverage periods), five smaller live events, six brand campaigns, a year-round digital digest of 25 articles per month, and one-off copy editing. Just to give you some idea of the amount of editing involved, the digital digest client, which also accounts for two of the major live events, generates 500+ articles in a year.

I also continue to edit for Under the Radar and I’ve done other smaller projects for other clients, including resumes, business proposals, blog posts, training manuals, company emails, “strongly worded letters” (I won’t lie – those were fun!), and whatever else people could think of to throw my way.

Editing in 2015redpen

Astrid already has plans to keep me busy as The Caregiver series draws towards a conclusion. I have at least one other author who has contacted me regarding a first-quarter edit. I’m also continuing to work with Allvoices on campaigns and projects.

I’m in the process of updating my portfolio and other professional online resources right now (LinkedIn, my resume, etc.) so don’t be surprised if you see a bit of self-promotion this year. I’d like to expand my client list, take on additional authors and small businesses/organizations. Keep me in mind if you know of anyone looking for an editor or help with their online presence (social media, basic website). I love helping the small guys get started because so often they don’t know where to start and then either people can’t find them or judge them for doing it poorly.