In July, I started a new feature where I share quick reviews of all the books I read during the month. And I recapped an impressive 8 books! I closed the post with:

“Not a bad month – guess we’ll see what August brings!

Spoiler alert: August did not bring 8 books…

I’ll have another post early next week on what August brought. In the meantime, here’s my August book wrap-up: (The date listed is when I finished reading it.)

The House at Tyneford – Natasha Solomons – 4.75* – (August 10):

houseattynefordI read this book based on the recommendation of my friend Sam. And what a fabulous recommendation! If you enjoy historic fiction, especially European WWII history, this one’s for you. Elise is an Austrian Jew forced to leave her family and become a parlor maid in England. She would’ve once been on the same social footing with her new bosses but has to learn her place in her new role in order to stay safe during the war. The story is so good – some history, some romance, some family drama. The day-to-day hardships of war. And yet despite the many trials Elise faces, the book is not overwhelmingly dreary. One of my top books of the year.

The Other Typist – Suzanne Rindell – 3* – (August 16):

theOtherTypistI picked this book up at the library based on a magazine review. Also, Keira Knightly is attached to a film adaptation, both as star and producer. The premise was very interesting. The setting prohibition-era NYC and it’s an independent woman working in a sort of nontraditional field, as a typist for the NYPD. It’s not a standard job for the fairer sex during that time period, taking down the grisly details of killers’ confessions, but it suits Rose just fine. Until they hire the other typist, initially the object of her jealousy, eventually the object of her obsession. It’s a very noir book, full of malice, revenge, underground crime, and things that aren’t quite as they seem. I wanted to love it but I never quite connected with it. Something about the characters and the tone were both off-putting and I never quite fell for this book despite wanting to see how it ended.


If you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll also see I added a children’s book to my reading challenge for the month. The review explains that – it’s simply a placeholder. I needed a way of counting the “reading” of an unpublished book I spent most of the month editing, which explains why I read so little.


Aug. 31, 2014

Aug. 31, 2014

I’m now at 33 books towards my new goal of 45. I’ll get there.  I’m currently about 33% (gotta love Kindle…) through Pride and Prejudice. Much reading ahead.