KEEPCALMLast week I edited 68 articles in five days as part of Allvoices’ coverage of Advertising Week. There were a couple of other campaigns as well but the majority of that was tied to live coverage of the event taking place in NYC. Coverage of that wraps this week. Another much smaller but longer-lasting campaign also wrapped.

So that means it’s time for a rest, right?


  • Near the end of the week, I received my copy of Book #3 in the Caregiver Series for editing.
  • Friday, Allvoices confirmed a start date for our next big event coverage launch (just over 2 weeks from now, which means we’re assembling the writing team and starting all of our preparation and organizing work now.
  • Monday, I received a voicemail from a former client asking me to call him back about a new project he’d like me to work on for him.

Looks like things are filling in for the last quarter of 2013. If you want a piece of me, you may want to reserve it soon!

This in addition to the holidays, travel (two quick trips in October and my husband is running a marathon), and work on my own novel, which I am finally making progress on again.

Are you one of those people who can’t seem to slow down? I didn’t plan any of this, exactly. There was actually a point early in the year when I planned to advertise my editing services but then rethought that decision. Instead, I chose to be open to whatever came my way via repeat business, existing contracts, and word-of-mouth. I’m very fortunate that it’s kept me consistently busy.

And so onward I go!