Eight long months ago, I set up this blog and posted with the intention of sharing “words about words” on a regular basis. I had other plans involving words as well. Specifically, those plans centered around the book I’ve been writing for a while now.

What’s been happening in the meantime? Excuse the length but I’m about to fill you in as briefly as possible on the past eight months, tell you where things currently stand, and give you some hints about where I’m going.


my pretty (terrifying) calendar

The short version is that I spent the first two-thirds of 2013 editing other peoples’ words. As a freelancer, it’s desirable to have a lot of work rather than having no work. As a writer, it’s not a great way to move forward on your work-in-progress. But I’ve edited two full-length books in addition to continuing my brand campaign and event work with Allvoices.com and copy editing/proofreading for Under the Radar. A lot of other smaller projects have popped up here and there as well. Most of my calendars looked a lot like the ones over to the side.

I’ve also seen a few projects come to an end, mostly because I decided I needed to clear them from my life in order to make space for other endeavors. We can learn a lot from taking on new things but that doesn’t mean we have to commit to them forever. In these cases, I had maxed out on what there was to gain and it was time to step away so I could apply it elsewhere. And so I said goodbye to a couple of blogs, a message board, a work contract, and most likely my Etsy shop (that I was never passionate enough about to properly launch – if that’s not a sign to let something go, I don’t know what is).

By paring down, I can more clearly focus on the things I’m most passionate about – which brings me back to my creative projects and back to my words.

The State of All the Things as they currently stand:


  • My book: I’ve referred to this as TOWOS forever. It’s the acronym of the original working title before I ripped it apart the first time and changed the premise drastically. Anyways, I’m returning to it this week and putting a plan in place that will hopefully allow me to self-publish it by the end of the year. That was an original goal of mine and I still believe I can do it.
  • Blogging: Look for me once a week here and twice a week over at chickyscratch.com (Tues/Thurs). It won’t always be brilliant but I intend to make it routine. I’m also working on putting together a writing prompt/community blog with some good friends – I’ll share that here when it’s ready.

Editing (aka work):

  • Brand campaigns/events: People have asked about the events I work on so I’m going to post about that soon. I’m currently working three brand campaigns and one event for Allvoices.com with another event scheduled for November. I’m still insanely busy – that calendar I mentioned earlier is actually a screenshot of my September calendar so far. Intentionally small and blurry. This girl has enough to do without stalkers.
  • Books: One of the books I edited earlier this year is book two in a series. The author has sent me book three to read and I’ll be editing it soon. Very excited about this but it’s hard not to get caught up reading her work when I’m supposed to be editing it instead. I love it when work is such a pleasure!


  • My Goodreads profile is kept up-to-date (within a day or so) of what I’m currently reading. It’s also in my sidebar. Such a great site! I’m very behind on my goal right now (15/30, 5 books behind) but I have faith I’ll catch up.

Other Words:

  • Social Media: I’m making an effort to use Google+ more often now, specifically for writing-related issues. Feel free to add me to your circles. Twitter as well. I did say ALL the things!
  • Video?: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is video worth? Stay tuned…