Four Tips for Writing Book Reviews

Everyone who reviews books does so differently, but these are the things I find helpful when I’m reading reviews to decide whether or not I want to pick up a book. I also try to include a lot of the information below in my reviews on Goodreads or the rare review I write on Amazon.…

Overcoming Writer’s Block #1: When Your Brain’s Too Full of Life

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As writers, I’m sure we’ve all been there. The blank screen stares us down or we can’t even bring ourselves to take time for our writing because we’re overwhelmed with the events happening in our lives. I’m in the process of developing an outline for my next work but the first few weeks of January…

Writing Report for 2014 and a Preview of 2015

I saved the weakest of my reports for last. Writing in 2014 Writing in 2014 wasn’t what I wanted it to be. The biggest issue I had was that the manuscript I’ve been working on for a very long time has reached a bit of an impasse. I’ve tried to edit it, I’ve attempted to…

Course Review – Character Development Intensive

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Over the years, I’ve taken multiple courses online from Gotham Writers at writingclasses.com. Most of their online courses are 6-10 weeks long and include weekly lessons to read and discuss with your classmates, exercises to complete on your own, homework with instructor feedback, and periodic peer reviews. While valuable, after taking four of them (Creative…

Not Your Average Thesaurus

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Your plot can be amazing – full of twists and turns and brilliance – but if nobody cares about your characters, it doesn’t matter what happens to them. This is something I’ve been struggling with in my current WIP. My main male character is strongly defined but the female is not, for a number of…


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