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September/October/November Reading Wrap-up

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Umm, yes, that’s right. My monthly reading wrap-up turned into a quarterly wrap-up. Does that mean it will be 30+ books long? No, not even close. Goal of 10 books failed miserably each month. In fact, I haven’t even read 10 books total in that time. Why is that? Life brought some big changes during that…

August Reading Wrap-up

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Note: I wrote this around Sept. 8th but never published it. Oops. And now it’s almost time for my September wrap-up.  Goal of 10 books achieved! Though I think I’m going to shorten my reviews here and start sending you over to my Goodreads page if you want to read my longer thoughts. Let’s go! The Girl on…

July Book Wrap-Up

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Now THIS was a reading month… We’re going to jump right in because there’s a lot to cover: The Breaking Point: Short Stories – Daphne du Maurier  – 3* – (July 6): Short story collections are so hard to rate. I picked this book up, excited to learn Daphne du Maurier had written short stories. The collection…

How to Sneak in Short Story Collections

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Last year, I said I wanted to start reading more short story collections. Like many ideas, it looked good on my list, but I found I was faltering when it came time to put it into practice. What do you mean, I had to actually do something to accomplish the task? It’s not that I didn’t try…

Checking in Mid-Year

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It’s mid-July, which means we’re also more than halfway through 2015. I thought I’d use this week’s post to look back at my 2015 kickoff posts to see what plans I had in January and where I am in relation to them. Are they still plans I want to achieve? Do they need adjusting? Do I need adjusting?…


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