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January Reading Wrap-Up

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Time for a look at what I read in January. It could’ve been a better start, but it was a good start considering how busy the month became overall. Programming note: Remember how I said I would have my Reading Year in Review. then my Writing Year in Review, followed by my “Looking Ahead to 2016” post…

A Reading Review of 2015 and Look Ahead to 2016

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Last year I did this as a two-part post. This year, I’m cramming it into one. You’re welcome? Reading in 2015 My reading goals in 2015  looked something like this: Read at least 40 books (my original Goodreads challenge goal) Read more short stories Try new genres Read more widely (topics) Make a dent in…

December Reading Wrap-Up

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December picked up considerably from prior months, which I really enjoyed. It was nice to end a big reading year on an “up” month. Programming note: Come back next week for my Reading Year in Review. The following week, I plan to have my Writing Year in Review, followed by my “Looking Ahead to 2016” post…

September/October/November Reading Wrap-up

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Umm, yes, that’s right. My monthly reading wrap-up turned into a quarterly wrap-up. Does that mean it will be 30+ books long? No, not even close. Goal of 10 books failed miserably each month. In fact, I haven’t even read 10 books total in that time. Why is that? Life brought some big changes during that…

August Reading Wrap-up

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Note: I wrote this around Sept. 8th but never published it. Oops. And now it’s almost time for my September wrap-up.  Goal of 10 books achieved! Though I think I’m going to shorten my reviews here and start sending you over to my Goodreads page if you want to read my longer thoughts. Let’s go! The Girl on…


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