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August Reading Wrap-up

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I’m determined to finish this post early this month. First, we’ll review last month’s goal: “My goal for August is to finish eight books and 2000 pages, as well as cross off a couple of difficult categories on the reading challenge…” Let’s see what happened. (Link to my Goodreads 2016 shelf where you can find individual reviews that…

July Reading Wrap-Up

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Oh my, this post is late. First, we’ll review last month’s goal: “Let’s shoot for 3 books, 1000 words? I’m trying to be more realistic this time around.” That was because I hadn’t picked up any books as of the 5th, we had just moved, I had finals to complete, and I had committed to…

June Reading Wrap-Up

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Remember last month’s post, when I said: “In June, I’d like to read over 2000 pages and finish two VSI books, including the one on my currently-reading shelf. I’d also like to finish the short story book I started reading months ago.” Hahahahaha! I was such a funny, delusional girl. Let’s take a trip into…

May Reading Wrap-Up

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May was a very in-between month with 6 books. Considering the number of things going on, including the beginning of two graduate courses, I’d say that’s not too bad. Let’s take a look: The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman  – 4* – (May 2) (This IS the Goodreads review) I enjoyed this more than the other Neil Gaiman book I…

April Reading Wrap-Up

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During March, I read 10 books. During April, only 4. What happened? I’m not really sure. (A visiting friend, travel, a 9-day migraine… those may have contributed to my low book count.) Let’s review: When We Were Alive – C.J. Fisher  – 3.75* – (Apr. 6): (Goodreads review) Interesting debut novel written from three perspectives and three different…


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