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NC Literary Festival Panels

Hand-drawn Mouseguard button at #nccomicon #nclitfest Here’s the second part of my day at NC Literary Festival, which includes the two panels I attended. For part one, general thoughts and author sessions, visit yesterday’s post. The first panel I attended was short-titled Forensics Panel. The official title was “Science Write: Forensic Fact in Fiction.” To…

NC Literary Festival Overview

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Welcome to the first part of my day at NC Literary Festival. This post will include an overview of my experience, as well as some general thoughts and observations based mainly on author sessions. I also attended two panels (a forensics panels and a First Books panel) and will post about those tomorrow – otherwise…

On to the next thing(s)

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Last week I edited 68 articles in five days as part of Allvoices’ coverage of Advertising Week. There were a couple of other campaigns as well but the majority of that was tied to live coverage of the event taking place in NYC. Coverage of that wraps this week. Another much smaller but longer-lasting campaign…

When they’re dull as dirt: Thoughts on casting characters

I’m part of a book club that loves to cast the movie version of a book once we’ve discussed it. It’s an interesting practice because several of the ladies cast the characters of each book they read as a regular practice. I don’t generally do that, though I sometimes see a strong resemblance and then…


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