Something slightly different today. I haven’t set traditional resolutions in a long time, though I generally enjoy the annual reminder to reflect and reset.

I’ve decided to set some intentions (not resolutions) for 2021. I’ve seen this idea in several places, including Gretchen Rubin’s blog. Various versions exist, whether it’s 21 for 2021 or 30 by 30 (where 30 is a milestone birthday, a ship that sailed for me long ago) or some other cutesy numbers game.

This list isn’t the kind of content I generally share here (or anywhere), but I thought maybe it would help with accountability. And, let’s face it, that’s the only reason this blog even exists. It’s not like anyone else is reading or gives a damn about what I read last month.

On to the list.

21 for 2021

  1. Read for 21 minutes/day
  2. Relaunch professional site
  3. Promote freelance services/expertise (focus: fiction)
  4. Continue 3-ring Apple Watch streak
  5. Read 36 books, including 12 not-novels
    • Read/listen to Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming
    • Read/listen to Barack Obama’s book, A Promised Land
  6. Complete the declutter challenge
  7. (private work-related intention)
  8. Visit 12 local sites (COVID/safety-dependent)
  9. Support 21 small businesses
  10. Cook 12 new recipes
  11. Make 21 conscious efforts tor each out for no specific reason
  12. Create (Instagram account) website
  13. Reach 2000 Instagram followers on (account)
  14. Finish Disney animated features watch
  15. Run 5k straight
  16. Meditate daily
  17. COVID vaccine
  18. Finish Ripley’s RIP tasks (special box, photo album)
  19. Try 5 new-to-me foods
  20. Set specific intentions for free-time, especially weekends
  21. Swap out 1 item on this list for something else

I may or may not report back here, but I’ll be keeping track. If anyone out there is reading, feel free to ask me how it’s going and give me hell if I’m not making progress.