The first monthly review of the new year! And I’m off to a good start.

January goal:

I’m going to set a goal of three books for January.

What I read: (Link to my Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge)

Zen and the Art of Happiness 

Chris Prentiss
5* (Jan 1)

The Second Mrs. Hockaday

Susan Rivers 
4* (Jan 6)

The Sadness of Beautiful Things

Simon Van Booy 
5* (Jan 12)

Help for the Haunted

John Searles
3.5* (Jan 28)

Excuse(s) for Not Reading More: Considering I started a new job, spent a week at Disney, and had several sick days (the bad kind of sick – when you can’t even read due to a sinus headache), I’m quite pleased with myself.

Diversity? Historical fiction, short story collection, paranormal/mystery, personal development (sounds SO much better than self-help, right?).

Star Ratings: I base this on the flat stars Goodreads displays in list-view, not the quarter-star system I assign in my reviews.

  • 5 stars:  2 books
  • 4 stars:  1 book
  • 3 stars:  1 book
  • 2 stars:  0 books
  • 1 star: 0 books
  • 0 stars: 0 books
  • Abandoned: 0 books
  • Not rated: 0 books

Pages Read: (does not include abandoned books or Coffin Bell)

  • January – 993

Coffin Bell Submissions: (I’m going to include this because it takes so much of my time)

  • January
    • 20 short stories

Reading Goals:

1. Read 40 books – I may have to revisit this goal. My husband has set a goal of 52 and I refuse to be out-read by my husband… But I’m currently 1 ahead of schedule.

2. Decrease my TBR – 

3. Read 6 short story/essay collections – I’d really like to read double that number.

January was kind of crazy, but I made reading a priority, which I want to continue. I only have one quick trip planned. Otherwise, I feel like “regular” 2019 (the kind without a big vacation or new job starting) is just starting now. I’ll set a goal of 4 books as I’m already well into one and the following selection will be a quick read.